Health Sector

Important Projects for the Health Sector

New Public Hospital with a Capacity of 750 beds  in the Central County
The hospital has a total construction area of 139,798.04 m2 and consists of 13 blocks with 28 operating rooms, 48 beds adults – 49 beds infant intensive care, 58 beds ER and 15 beds dialysis units. Tender has been made on 06.03.2012 and the date of completion has been set as 22.11.2014. TOKI has been in charge of the construction and the total value of the project is 101,120,591.16 TL including VAT. 20 % of the project has been completed.

Construction Work of Kırıkhan Public Hospital with a Capacity of 150 Beds
Construction work of Kırıkhan Public Hospital with a capacity of 150 beds was tendered at a price of 20.732.000 TL by TOKI on August 23rd 2011, its contract was made on November 01st 2011 and site delivery was made on November 04th 2011 and the permission works concerning forest land within the plot continues.  Completion date of the work is 30.07.2014.

Construction of Public Hospital with a Capacity of 150 beds in Dortyol
It has been included in the Investment Program of 2012; works on allocation of land are in the final stage. Work is planned to be tendered in 2013 and put into operation in 2014.

Construction of Samandağ Public Hospital
Construction of hospital on 15 acres of property allocated to the Ministry of Health has been planned and the expropriation works of plots remaining within the health care facility still continue.

Yayladağı 10 Beds Integrated Public Hospital
Total construction area of the hospital is 19,952 m2. The tender call has been made by Yayladagi Union for Service Provision to Villages in 26.11.2013 and target for completion has been set as 02.02.2015. The construction site has been chosen on 10.12.2013 and the project has started. The hospital project has been made according to 20 beds capacity. The value of the project has been set as 5,807,960 TL including VAT.

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