Incentives and Support

DOĞAKA Supports    

Financial supports are gratis payments for certain projects and activities, in accordance with the strategies in the regional plan, prepared by the agency.

Technical support is the support that the Agency gives to contribute to the works of local actors, who are important in terms of regional development but encountering some difficulties in the preparation and application stages due to the lack of institutional capacity. Supports given by the Agency are the following:

  • Supporting planning works of local governments,
  • Supporting activities of local governments activities, related to implementing plans of programs of the region and enhancing the capacity of local development,
  • Supporting works of other state institutions and organizations, which can contribute to local and regional development,
  • Supporting works of non-governmental organizations, which can contribute to local and regional development, is targeted.

Financial and technical supports have been given by the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency since 2010, in which Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency entered into service.  A support of 7, 5 million TL to SMEs, 7 million TL to public institutions and non-governmental organizations; 15 million TL to SMEs, 8, 5 million TL to public institutions and non-governmental organizations was given in 2011, which corresponds to a total of 38 million TL in supports. SMEs have been supported with a fund of 30 million TL with the “Scheme for the Development of Sustainable Production and Innovative Financial Support” in 2013. In 2014 for “Improvement of Sustainable Production and Innovation” and “Financial Support for Minimizing the Development Differences of Counties in the Region” programs 20 million TL fund will be given. In 2013 and 2014 in scope of Technical Support and Direct Activity Support  programs 2 million TL fund has been given. 

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