Cotton Planting Gin and Pressing Facilities

Cotton planting was carried out in 406,600 acres of land and 210,248 tons of cotton was produced in our province in 2012. (TUIK, 2012).

Cotton, produced in our province has the required specifications in thread, textile and fabric industries in terms of its fibre length, fibre and the other features. 

There are 66 Industrial Registry certified Cotton Gin and Pressing Facilities established in our province for the separation and pressing of the produced cotton from their seeds. There are also 7 spinning facilities for the processing and spinning cotton and 12 cottonseed oil extraction facilities for the extraction of cottonseed oil.

Almost all of the cotton, produced, is processed in the Cotton Gin and Pressing Facilities in our province and pressed cotton is offered both for the domestic thread market and for export. In addition, there is a Cottonseed Facility for the production of the hybrid seeds of cotton to be planted. There are also large-scale facilities, producing towel, underwear, cleaning cloth from the cotton produced.

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