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Hilton Museum Hotel: This hotel which has been started by 2012 can be named as the first museum hotel of Turkey and second museum hotel of the World. The hotel is near the Saint Pierre Chruch which is stated as the main points of Christianity at the centre of Antakya. The place of Hilton Museum Hotel consists of the area of 25.500 square meters and the hotel itself takes its 17400 square meters part of this mentioned area. Mosaics and ancient remnants are found during the hotsel construction including an area of 850 square meters area having the height of 6 meters tall. As a result of this, excavation area can be visited by both the national / international visitors in an open air version. The architect Emre AROLAT and one of the businessmen of Hatay Necmi Asfuroglu has worked togather for the construction fo the hotel and it has planned to be openned at the end of 2014 as well.

Haraparası Mah. Yavuz Sultan Selim Cad. 1. Tabakhane Sk. No:20 Antakya / HATAY 31060

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