Filter Productio

Hatay Province provides 63% of the filter production in our country by itself.

In line with the developments in automotive and subsidiary industry sectors in our country, the first Turkish filter manufacturing plant started production in our Iskenderun county in 1966.

After this first investment in our province, 14 production facilities in different sizes have been put into service in the same sector and filter production have become a driving force in the industry of our province. Air, oil and fuel filters; for heavy equipment and industrial purposes, air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters; and air/oil separators are produced for all kinds of tractors and automobiles in our country in these plants.

1,843 employees are employed at the existing filter plants. Total theoretical capacities of the plants are 47,100,000; actual production in 2009 was 22,418,674; and the sector’s exports in 2009 was 20,224,035 $.

During this period our province has covered great distance in filter sector. Constant technological renewal investments in the filter sector shows that our province has gained advantage over its competitors abroad.

Due to the increase in investments and productions of flat products in iron and steel industry in the recent years, sheet metals, which the filter sector use as the main raw materials of the sector, will be provided from our country and the sector; in addition to avoiding great transportation costs, will provide a competitive advantage in the filter sector.

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