Transportation Sector

Limak Port Iskenderun Modernization and Capacity Expanding Project: After taking over TRRR Iskenderun Seaport by Limak on 30th of December, 2011 for 36 years, the modernization and capacity expanding Project of Lmian Constrruction Iskenderun Seaport has been started. At the end of this Project, the seaport has been trasnferred into a container terminal with the capacity of 1.3 millions of TEU. For this aim, the construction of pier, seaport carding activities, infrustructure and superstructure activities had been made in accordance with container handling as well. This Project which has started on Jabuary 2012 had been completed by % 65 percentage. In this Project, the seaport had also been deepened in order to pull up the high tonnage ships and 1.7 millions cubicmeters seabed area had been browsed

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