Iron and Steel Production

The first investment of iron and steel sector in our province, ISDEMIR facilities, was realized in 1967 within the framework of Technical and Economic Cooperation Agreement with the Soviet Union.

The foundation of the facility with 1.1 million tons/year liquid steel capacity was laid on October 3, 1970 and 1975 set into operation gradually. With the establishment of ISDEMIR in the 1970s, economy of the region gained speed and new investment and employment areas began to emerge in the region. The pioneer of Iskenderun iron-steel alignment, ISDEMIR has realized 40 new projects and has begun to produce integrated flat steel in the last few years.

In 2012, 7, 1 million tons of ingot and 4, 6 million tons of slab steel were produced in the region, a total of 11, 7 million tons of steel.

Produced and imported from abroad, ingots are processed in rolling mills and transformed into sheet iron, moulding bars, angle irons, construction iron, nails and wires in our province. In addition, almost every kind of pipe with different areas of use is produced in facilities in our province

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