Hatay is one of the most important centers of Turkey in terms of logistics sector. The region has some advantages in terms of logistics.

  • Hatay has about 11% of the vehicles engaged in international transportation. With 9,978 registered vehicles, it has the 2nd largest transport fleet after Istanbul.
  • Port of Iskenderun, a natural port in the very east of the Mediterranean, is located in Hatay. There is a total of 10 ports in Hatay.
  • Hatay Airport, whose terminal building has been renovated, number of passengers flying from domestic and international terminals and the amount of cargo carried is increasing every day. 5,951 flights were realized and 650 thousand people were transported in 2012.
  • Iskenderun has connection to the national railroad network.
  • Hatay has Cilvegozu and Yayladagi border check-points, which are gateways to the Middle East.
  • Hatay is situated in the East-West-Highway line.
  • Ceyhan is adjacent to international energy transmission lines.
  • There is ease of access to the western markets.
  • It is close to Cyprus, which is, in many aspects, a center of attraction in the Middle East and Europe.
  • Ropax services began from the Port of Iskenderun to Egypt, Israel and Lebanon in August 2012.

Privatization of the port of Iskenderun: The 4th biggest port of Turkey and privatized at a cost of 372 million $, Port of Iskenderun began to be run by the company LIMAK, as a result of transfer transactions on 30.12.2011 between General Directorate of Turkish State Railroads, Directorate of Privatization Administration and the administrators of the LIMAK company.
Iskenderun LimakPort, with its location of strategic importance, is a major hub port of Mediterranean and is open for improvement. The port has a very convenient location, especially to import and export to the Mediterranean and commercial and industrial centers in the South Eastern and Eastern Anatolia regions of Turkey. With the investment, which is still under construction, thousands of people will have an employment opportunity and container handling capacity will increase to 3 million TEU.

Logistics Master Plan: “Iskenderun Logistics Village and Logistics Centers of Antakya and Osmaniye Master Plan” which projects that the region will be a Logistics Centre with the privatization of Port of Iskenderun has been prepared. An establishment of Logistics Village was planned, which is based on the Port of Iskenderun and in which planning, implementation, and controlling of every kind of product, services and information flow which are in the process of production, transportation, storage, consumption and recycling processes are made considering the ease of life, environmental factors and optimization of total costs with this plan,. The Logistics Village to be established will not only serve the region but also a region from Iraq to the Caucasus, Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East.

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