DOĞAKA By Numbers

Since 2010 for the 12 Financial aid programs that have been announced approximately 92 million reserves have been allocated and a total of 799 project under these programs have been declared as succesfull within the scope of tecnical aid programs implemented since 2010, a total of 302 project were found to be succesfull and to these projects about 1 million TL have been allocated. Thus 93 million TL resource has been allocated to a total of 1.101 projects that have been implemented within the aid programs, since 2010.

Between 2010-2013 our agency has recieved a total of 5446 project application under the aid programs and 799 of these projects have been decleared succesfull. 75 projects applications were excluded for various reasons, 461 of the projects have been compleded while 263 of them are countuinig. Approximately 60 million grant has been provided so far.

Between 2010-2013, within tecnical assistance programs a total of 841 application have been received 302 of them were not implemented for various reasons, 23 of the implemented projects are completed and 19 projects are ongoing. 1 million TL sourches have been allocated to succesfull projects in this program.

According to this, between 2010-2013 within the support programs announced by our agency a total of 6,287 project applications have been received in which 1.101 were succesfull. Of these projects, 721 of them have been completed and 282 are continuning.

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