Agriculture Sector

Major Dam and Irrigation Projects

Within the scope of Reyhanlı Dam and Irrigation Project which has vital importance for our province, 60,000 ha of land in Amik Plain will be irrigated and 20.000 ha of land will be protected from flood. When the dam, which has a project value of 158,212,000 TL,  begins to operate, a change in the diversity of agricultural products will be provided and, with the increasing value of agricultural production, it will contribute to economy considerably. By the end of 2013 40% of the project was completed.

The project has been started in 09.01.2009 with a tender value of 38,414,000 TL (Agriculture+Service Sector). Annual energy of 17.45 GW/h will be produced, 3,554 ha of land will be irrigated with high-pressure, drinking and potable water needs of county centers of Antakya and Samandag and 15 municipalities  will be provided until 2037, and 2, 000 people will be employed when the project is completed. 51% of the project has been completed.

Its construction is planned 2 km south to Ziyaret Village in Altınözü county, where Orontes River forms a frontier between Turkey and Syria. Properties and residential areas in Amik Plain will be protected from flood, 14.827 ha. of agricultural land will be irrigated and  13, 5 million kwh of energy will be generated annually when the dam is completed. 

After the completion of the project 34,396 ha. land in Hatay, 27,095 ha. land in Kahramanmaraş and 34.259 ha. land in Gaziantep provinces, as total 96,750 ha.  land will be irrigated. Within the scope of the project Tahtaköprü Dam will be heighten 11.5 m. and the capacity of the dam will rise to 587 hm3. The project has been taken in scope of GAP and will be finished in 4 stages while the first stage of the project has reached 66% completion by the end of 2013. The projects of the second and third stages will be finished in 2014 and the tender calls will be made in the first quarter of 2014. The project of the heightening of Tahtaköprü Dam for 11.5 m. has finished by the end of 2013 and the tender call will be made in 2014.

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