Shoe-Making Sector

40% of men’s shoes, sold in Turkey is provided from Hatay.

All stages of shoes, from raw hide to the final shape they are worn, are carried out in Hatay.

For the development of Shoe-Making Sector in our province, a Small Industrial Area for Shoe-Making will be established on 199 acres of land. In the site included in the National Investment Program, “Shoe making training, Design Centre and Shared Workshop” project which has been prepared by DOĞAKA; and presented to Regional Competitiveness Operational Program of the European Union, will be realized. 

Through the project with a budget of EUR 5.5 million;

  • Establishment of “Shoe-Making Training, Consulting and Design Center and Shared Workshop” in the Small Industrial Area for Shoe-Making, which has an indoor area of 1500 m²,  equipped with high-tech machines and offering common use, training and consulting opportunities,
  • Utilization of the established workshop by 100 companies in one year,
  • Training of 200 sector executives and employees in one year in the established center,
  • Providing consultancy services for 100 companies in one year in the established center,
  • At least 20 businesses obtaining quality certificates through improvement of their quality standards within 2 years,
  • Ensuring the participation of at least 20 businesses to domestic and external fairs,
  • At least 10 businesses exporting their goods by creating their unique brands in 2 years,

Are being planned.

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