Establishing Business In Hatay

Advantages of the Industry Sector in Hatay

  • Hatay ranks 5th in 2009-2010 URAK Accessibility Sub-Index (International Competitiveness Research Institute) and 6th in the Sub-Index of Trade Skills and Production Potential.
  • There is qualified and inexpensive labour force.
  • It is Turkey’s gateway to the Middle East and transit point between global production and consumption centres.
  • It is a secure region for those, who want to invest in the Middle East.
  • It has potential for renewable energy (wind and solar energy), and is the 2nd province in Turkey with the highest wind energy potential.
  • Wits its developed Iron and Steel Industry and flat product manufacturing, the most important product in this industry, it provides investment opportunities in pipes industry, white goods, automotive industry and shipbuilding sectors.
  • There are 10 companies from Hatay in Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s list of “500 Largest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey” in 2012.
  • There are government support and incentives and financial support programs carried out on a regional basis by DOGAKA and other institutions.
  • The province has a logistics infrastructure.

Future Projection of the Industry Sector in Hatay

  • First of all; a great deal of investments such as energy investments, tourism investments, new steel service centers and the planned ship breaking center mean potential customers for the existing steel sector. Furthermore; the region is expected to grow together with the additional investments which will follow these investments.
  • Flat steel is among the most important inputs for the manufacture of railcars. In terms of production and logistics, Our region has an infrastructure, which can host railcar production and subsidiary industry.
  • Steel production capacity and infrastructure to produce steel products for the requirements of automotive and white goods sectors is available in our region.
  • Tranportation between both sides of the province will be facilitated through the tunnel through the Amanos Mountains and by means of this, the eastern part of the province will be opened to investment and the export goods from the neighbouring provinces will easily reach the ports.

Advantages of Agriculture and Livestock Industry in Hatay

  • The province has an Agricultural and Rural Development Strategic Plan.
  • The province, whose plains have a significant place in its surface area, has the 2nd largest plain in Turkey.
  • It is the leader in Turkey in the production of four products.
  • It is an area, rich in endemic plant species and medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • There are suitable areas for ecological upland tourism and ecovillage projects.
  • Irrigated agricultural areas are increasing with such projects as Reyhanlı Dam and Dostluk Dam.
  • Hatay has a 20% share in fresh fruits and vegetables exports in Turkey.
  • There are suitable areas for organic agriculture.
  • Generally; heating costs in greenhouse agriculture are low.
  • Genetic industry is developing increasingly.
  • Climate conditions are favourable for agriculture and livestock.
  • There are support programs for fishery industry in Hatay on a national policy level.

Advantages of the Tourism Sector in Hatay

  • Hatay is among the 15 provinces of Brand City Project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • Tourism of the province until year 2023 has been planned with the Tourism Strategy & Action Plan of Hatay.
  • There is potential for faith tourism, nature tourism and gastronomy tourism.
  • Regional cuisine culture is developed.
  • The province has a long coastline.
  • It has a border with the Middle East.
  • It has an international airport.

Advantages of the Energy Sector in Hatay

  • Important HES, RES and TES investments are made in the region.
  • It is one of the provinces with the highest potential, in terms of daily average sunshine duration in Turkey.
  • There are qualified geothermal resources in the province.

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